Your Committee

Membership of the Surbiton High School Parents’ Association changes annually at our AGM. In 2020/21, we are grateful to the following parents for volunteering their time in the capacity below.

Karl Fisher, Chair

Annette (Netty) Williams, Secretary

Richard Burge, Treasurer

Sophie Day & Fauzia Tobias, Boys’ Prep Liaison Officers

Linda Cronin, Girls’ Prep Liaison Officer

Vacancy, Lower Senior School (Y7-9) Liaison Officer

Vacancy, Upper Senior School (Y10-13) Liaison Officer

Sowmya Mukund, Nearly New Uniform Sales

Shanthini Shanmugaguru, Events Liaison

Soraya Fanning, Communications

Eva Mrazikova, Prep School Discos

In addition to the Committee members above, we are grateful for those parents who offer us ongoing project support, including Michele Prigent for external stalls liaison for our Christmas and Summer Fairs.