Wishlist ideas

Turning wishes into reality

The funds that are raised at PA events are used to provide luxury (non-infrastructure) items and experiences that enhance the pupil experience. Everybody is invited to submit suggestions for ‘Wishlist’ items which are presented to the Parents’ Association Committee and voted upon. To ensure spend is allocated fairly, we apply the following broad criteria, summarised by the acronym YEARNS (see below).

To help with the application process, we have developed a pro-forma to complete.


assumption that all votes start with a yes position


balanced across schools and subject areas


fits School’s strategic priorities as they relate to pupils (wellbeing, wow enhancements to campus, equipping pupils for the 22nd Century world)


is out of the ordinary and radiates a clear signal of intent to our community that we’re true to our intent of enriching pupil experiences


supports the passion interests that appeal to the few as well as the many


we want all the wishlist items purchased to be sustainable, so that they will benefit the pupils for a number of years to come

If you’d like to suggest an idea for a wishlist item then you need to submit your idea (with approximate costs) to the Committee by using the contact form below. It will then be reviewed at the next Committee meeting.