SHSPA Funds Raised, Money Spent

A happy by-product of events and activities organised by the PA are the funds that are raised.

These funds are spent on added extra items to enrich pupils experiences in each of the three schools.

‘Wishlist’ items are brought to the PA by the teachers, by parents and also by the children themselves. Ideas on how to use our funds wisely are very much appreciated so please do get in touch with your thoughts here.

These are some of the many items which the PA has funded over the past few years:

Gas BBQ’s for PA events £585
Portable Performance-grade public address system £1,610
Lego Technics equipment £1,469
The Royal Institution program for levels KS1-3 £2,340
6 gazebos for hot weather shade £1,050
Completion of Parthenon Cast fundraising £2,500
GPS sensory wall £295
Pottery wheel £1,800
GPS Nurture garden £1,000
Event radios £1,410
Ski Club race coats £714
GPS wellbeing garden £30,000
Quad play equipment £200
Library furniture and ebooks for senior library £4,250
Gym equipment for Hinchley Wood £3,100
Watt bikes £4,500
Race suits and storm coats for Ski Club £2,100
Football kits for GPS and senior school £1,600
Bench coats for senior sports teams £1,300
Robots for IT / coding lessons £1,800
Girls Prep Playground project £10,000
Playground equipment for BPS £10,000
Library furniture and boos for GPS £10,800
Watt Bikes £4,500
Musical Instruments for the Prep Instrumental program £10,000
Ski competition bibs £1,300
Community Playblocks for building and engineering £4,000
Robots for Prep IT lessons £1,800
Girls Prep Playground project £10,000
3D Printer £1,000
Games Tables for After School Club £500
Junior Sports Gazebo £800
Picnic Benches & Decking £2,100
Drama Studio & SAR AV equipment £27,000
JGS Eco Garden £3,200
Lego Technics £8,000
Senior DT Dept Eco Car Kit £800
Learning environment at Hinchley Wood £2,800
Ski gates for the ski club £800
Junior schools computer systems for ICT £8,500
Prep school playground reconfiguration £10,000
Jubilee benches £10,000
Laser cutter for the DT department £10,000
Competition trampoline £4,400
Senior school dance competition £600
Prep school musical instruments £3,000
Runcie Hall audio/visual equipment £5,870
2 Rowing boats and 8 sets of rowing blades £13,000
Junior schools musical instruments £6,500
Senior school geography weather station £1,000
Senior school astronomy club equipment £400
JGS playground awning and tables £15,000
Cameras for all three schools £4,600
JGS Playground refurbishment £5,800
Prep playground refurbishment £8,000
Assembly Rooms audio/visual equipment £18,000
Baby grand piano £7,800